We are a Rotterdam based company , a boutique company going against the flow in fitness.

We don’t believe in “No pain no gain” , and we don’t believe in aesthetics appart from health .

We believe in the human body as a whole, as a complex whole that needs proper knowledge and experience to take it to the next level .

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What is Good Vibes PT?

Good Vibes PT’s mission is to deliver health and fitness always based on scientific and professional facts, making sure that every client is working within safety measures and the best tools to achieve their goals the best way possible, preventing injuries and stablishing the right changes in lifestyle to make it last in time.

Sports and physical activity when well performed should not lead to any injuries at all.

We promise all of our clients to encourage them to be the best version of themselves, setting realistic goals in time and achieving every one of them .

We also work delivering the best health solutions for companies in the surrounding area .

Healthy Breaks
Custom made Bootcamps and  Zumba-Camps.
Postural Corrections
And many more…

Our Skills

Personal Training 100%
Recovery 100%
Functional Training 100%
Good Vibes! 100%

Meet Our Team

Paloma R Hidalgo
Paloma R HidalgoPhysiotherapist - Medical Personal Trainer - Functional Trainer
Paloma R Hidalgo
Physiotherapist, kinesiologist and trainer with vast experience in recovery and sports rehabilitation.

NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist.

Certified Personal trainer, advanced health and exercises specialist EQF Level 6 -European Register of Exercise Professionals.

Functional Trainer – IHP.
Certified by the SBB.

Evgenii Velichko, PhD
As an experienced athlete, I know the importance of body maintenance. Inspired by the sport masseur of my running club, I decided to start an educational program to become a massage therapist. In the last two years of following the program, I have learned and practiced various massage techniques, including relaxing, classic, sports, trigger point, and ayurvedic massage. My main specialty is sports massage for athletes to prevent them from injuries and to help them perform at their best at competitions of various levels.  evgentudelft@gmail.com

Danilo Fernandes
Danilo Fernandes Personal Trainer

María de la Rosa Perez
– Personal Trainer Europe Active EQF level 4.
– Fitness Instructor NASM.
– Fitness Behavior Change Science AFFA CEU.
– Exploring the science of Recovery in fitness AFFA CEU.
– Pre-Post Natal in fitness level 1&2 CORE ACADEMY.
– Nutrition and physical activity Institute for Medicine by NHCPS (level 1).
– Diet and Nutrition  Institute for Medicine by NHCPS(level 1).
– Zumba instructor B1 Internacional.
– Aquatrainer water activities in fitness h2o Training.

“I am a passionate coach and I love what I do. I try to keep learning continuously.  I love to be active !

I am persevering, constant and enthusiastic, I love my job and to help clients achieve their goals and give them the necessary confidence to believe in themselves, I like to make each session fun so that working out becomes a pleasure not an obligation”

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