Participation in tests and exercise is always voluntary.

You are always free to withdraw consent any time after.

It is your full responsibility to inform GVPT of any difficulties or changes to your physical/medical condition.

You are always free to ask your trainer questions.


A onetime registration fee of 20 euros will be applied in the first invoice.

Registration is for a minimum of 3 months.

Payment of sessions is to be made within 7 days after billing.

Payment of a package should be made upfront.

The packages are non-refundable and must be used up in 3 months.

If payment is not made within 7 days GVPT has the right to cancel any remaining sessions.

Any costs incurred to retrieve payment will be recovered from the client.

A 7 days delay in payments comes with 10 extra euro fee. Another 7 days? Another 10 euros. 


Cancellation of a session should be me made within 24 hours of the beginning of the session.

Cancelling of a session is only allowed between 08:00 and 20:00.

Cancelling of a session is only possible via e-mail or by telephone.

Cancellation of a session with less than 24 hours before the session will be seen as a ‘late cancellation’.

The first late cancellation will be regarded as lenience from Good Vibes Personal Training.

A rescheduled late cancellation session cannot be cancelled again. And will not be rescheduled for a second time.

Rescheduling of a late cancellation session cannot take up prime time workout slots.

Rescheduling of a  cancellation session is possible within the following 10 days apart from the original schedule of the current month. Money will not be refund or discounted .

If the client regularly cancels their session ( more than 3 times), they lose their right to that times slot.

If a trainer has to cancel a class, due to force majeure, the workout/session will be rescheduled personally and when possible within the same week.

A ‘medical emergency’ is not considered a late cancellation.

Cancelation of a subscription should be made on a 30 days’ notice.

Subscriptions will continue through de pandemic, with the possibility of training outdoors or online. A 30 days notice applies for cancelation of any subscription.


If a medical issue occurs, the possibility of a ‘medical freeze’ of the training/sessions exists. For a maximum of 3 months.Only if physical activity is contraindicating for the condition.


GVPT is not liable for loss of or damage to property brought within GVPT’s facility.

Terms and Conditions